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i finally broke my plateau! now i can get back down and shed my whale FAT!

Last week i was : 165ish
This morning i am!!! :158.5 :D

1stGw: 120
2ndGw: 100

im sooo happy right now and i am not even hungry!
here goes another day with no stupid fatty foods!
think thinn everyone
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TODAY!!! all ive had is 1 bottle water! NOTHING ELSE! i am so surprise lately ive been giving in. but today i just got motivated! and its about 3:30pm. I work at 6-10pm so shud b ok! hope everyone else is havin a good day! xo
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haven't posted in a while

well i haven't been online in a few weeks so i thought i would post and update everyone on how ive been doing.
height 5'5"1/2
goal(short term)-130
goal(long term)-120

im trying to get down but ive been 143ish for about 2 weeks now and i really want to get going fast. ne tips?
think thin~~

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i need help. im being put on lockdown in my house for 2 weeks at least, im going to be forced to eat 3 times a day and watched after to make sure i cant purge. i can get away with bringing the food upstairs sometimes, except for breakfast. i need to make a game plan to get around eating. i have to lose weight in those 2 weeks NO MATTER WHAT. i cant miss weeks of school and then come back even FATTER. this is my chance to lose weight in peace and go back skinny. but im being watch 24/7 by my mom. so pleeeeeeease help me think of what to do!!!
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i am bout 151 ish lbs right now..if you forgot.. my height is 5'5 1/2 ish ...

i have been on the swim team burning quite a few calories and been eating less than that! so soon i will be down to 140!!!!!

ne good ab trimin or lower back , or under the butt on your legs area.. exercises would be greaatly appreciated!

thanks and think thinner!
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Today i weighed at 155.3! i got a fitday. com account! and it says to reach one of my goals of 145 by feb 20 i have to lose 4.17lbs a week and i have 17 days. but i thought i could so do it in like 10-12days! i went to the doctor yesterday because i have been really sick with some sinus thing that effected my throat and stuff. and i had to get a physical for me to do the swim team and i have lost about 15lbs since ive been to the doctor and i hav to go back in 2 weeks so i hope they don't notice rapid weight loss....

i also thought id mention i am in this thing in california called 4-h and i raise animals and show them in the fair and get money for them.. (its for collage!) and i have to wear these white pants. i got the pants around june and they were kinda tight and i tryed them on last night and they are sooo big and baggy i can't even wear them nemore and my mom was like omg i can't believe youve lost so much weight!!!!! :)
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hey i haven't posted in along time but i have been reading the wonderful posts. and unfortunantly bad posts. :( ... i am still under 160 about 159 ish but ya... i will post agian later today!

thinkin thinnn everyone!